Home Care Prescription

Whilst keeping abreast of emerging effective cosmeceutical ingredients available, retailing them has never been a big part of the business; providing good advice has.


I’ve recently discovered an amazing skincare range from Canada called “The Ordinary”. I won’t be surprised if you’ve heard of this brand or even tried it. It’s fabulous.


They are very pure, comprehensive, inexpensive, and very effective. 

With so many products in the range, many of my clients have found it daunting as to which products to buy so I often get asked what I would recommend.


Displayed below is a daily regime that includes my hand selected products from “The Ordinary” and complemented with a few other products I regularly use.



First step: Cleanser.

I started using this one as The Ordinary Squalane cleanser was always out of stock. If you do find it, try it, it’s lovely, but this one is fast becoming a favourite. It’s made by the same company (Deciem) just under a different brand name… reasonably priced also.

It feels like an oil but then rinses off in water, quite unusual. So easy to use, great for heavy make-up and skin is left clean.

Second step:
Glycolic Toning solution


This is another new favourite. If it irritates your skin, use it 2-3 times a week, not every day.



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Third step: Booster Serums.


Marine Hyaluronic is light and mixes well with oil based products. Great for hydrating the skin. 


The Squalane oil is great if your skin feels tight and “parched”. You only need a couple of drops and it’s no going to make you break out. You can use these two together or alternate. 

Fourth Step: [Morning routine] SunBlock.

My favourite is by an Australian Brand called Ultraderm. I do stock this one at my salon. It’s the gentlest and most effective one I have ever used. It is also a moisturiser.

For breakouts: Niacinamide. It’s the bomb.

"The Ordinary" is available from a few stores but I usually buy online.

If you feel like you need a moisturiser at night, “The Ordinary” product, in my opinion, is pretty good value for money.

For mature skins that need a little luxury, I stock the Ekseption range from Spain. These creams are not available in stores and I highly recommend them at night for those who need extra pampering