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Why I created the Goddess Facial

I have been in the Beauty Therapy industry for over 35 years and in that time, I’ve seen many trends and fads come and go.

Beautiful Lady
Gypzy Szworak

To stay relevant and in demand, takes a deep understanding of what women, ( and more increasingly men) want from their experience at my salon.

I consider it an honour to be the one that my clients turn to when they have issues with unwanted hair and problem skins.

I’m in a unique position to be their confidante and a member of their support team.

Our faces are our passport to the world so my staple offering to clients has been a consistent emphasis on building confidence by expertly removing unwanted hair and restoring the skin back to a healthy glow.

A few years ago I noticed that many of my clients had never had a facial which was very surprising to me. I have a Polish background, so for me, a facial was always a normal part of my grooming ritual, the same as a hair cut or dental appointment.

I identified that it’s just not in the Australian culture to have regular skin treatments.

I created the Goddess facial to change all that.

The powerful combination of a gentle AHA peel and polish followed by skin rejuvenating Intense Pulse Light treatment gives fast and lasting results.

The price point allows for regular monthly attention which is when the magic is revealed.

Every woman has a Goddess within, my job is to bring the Goddess out in you.

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